Studio for Hybrid Events

We recently opened our hybrid event space where you can welcome your guests and have audiences watching your event.

The studio has 400m2 and is fully adaptable and customizable to events with ledwall, with interactive ledfloor or with video projection with multi-camera regie in 4K.

  • Chroma Studio
  • LedWall

  • Augmented Reality

  • Quality Broadcast

  • 3D Virtual Events

  • Webcast e Streaming in HD

  • You may have audiences watching your event.


Two studios equipped with the latest technology and ready to receive 3D Virtual Events and Hybrid Events. We also have an exquisite backstage area, so you can prepare all the details of your event with maximum comfort.
  • Regie in Amphitheatre
  • Dressing Rooms and Meeting Rooms

  • Catering Area

  • Private Area for Clients

  • Lounge area for Hybrid Events

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See our portfolio