Company headquarters: Rua Alvaro Benamor, 1-1D, 1600-894 Lisboa, Portugal
Studio: Avenida Infante D.Henrique, 334,
Armazém 10, Cabo Ruivo, 1849-025 Lisboa, Portugal

General Contact: +351 211 583 053

"Trust isn't only one

of our commitments,

it's the most important!"


Expert in video and audio, his career started in the national TV channel RTP. Then, he was invited to work in several audiovisual production companies, developing advertising campaigns and producing films for tv and video clips. But he felt that the events were the communication tool that really motivated him… because of the extreme rigor involved and not having the chance of a second take. His know-how and his years of experience in this area led him to start up this yearly growing project.

Jorge Sousa

Technical Direction

+351 939117564

Has been teaching Technical Production of Events, took a degree in Marketing and a Master in Communication Design, specialized in Events Design. She considers Events the COMMUNICATION TOOL, being audiovisual the most important area of an event because it is the one allowing a better efficiency. So, she is concentrated on rigor, detail and the constant search of new technological tools, whether audiovisual or scenographic, promoting and highlighting communication, the main goal of an Event!

Márcia Ferreira

Marketing & Communication Direction

+351 919031060

Studied Graphic Communication and his first works were all in this area. He participated in several advertising agencies, but he felt he should work in other formats, that’s when the production of contents came in his career. He is currently the responsible for the Design and for the modeling 2D and 3D image.

Mário Bocke

Graphical Production & Multimedia

+351 939117565

After finishing his degree in Sound and Image he knew immediately that the vídeo production was his way. He entered Mainvision as a trainee and we didn’t let him go away anymore.
He is keen and attentive to the details. Give him coffee and Benfica winning… and you’ll see.


Video & Multimedia

+351 916709266

Strong, refined sense of humour and unique dedication. You can count on him, he is always available to help you and solve any problems.
He is the best humoured of the team. He makes everyone work and laugh.


Coordination & Logistics

+351 936796599

Expert in Audio, he has worked in several slopes of the sound area: post production, television, live performances and corporate events. It was in this last area that he found more motivation, because of the dynamic and variety of the events and the demand of perfection everyone always requires.
He is the calmer of the team. Even if the client says he only needs a microphone and he finally comes with a band.


Sound Engineering

+351 934527548

Started his professional activity in the audiovisual area, he has been growing with his experience, learning and getting over all the challenges. Currently, he is the technical in charge for promoting and following the international projects.

Luís Sousa

International Projects

+351 916499464

She studied Audiovisual Communication at Escola Secundária Artística António Arroio, having specialized in Cinema and Video. Afterwards she got a degree in Photography and Visual Culture at Escola Superior de Design – IADE (Design Higher School), aiming to follow the author’s environment, but it was with the events that she found her way.


Author & Social Photography

+351 912302425

Started his professional career as a photographer at the History of Art Institute in the University of Heidelberg, in Germany. In Portugal, besides advertising and editorial photographic work, he is an expert in architecture photography. Álvaro Siza and Mies van der Rohe are some of the names whose work is extensively documented in his own editions and photographs. His works have been published in Portugal and abroad.

Rui Morais

Studio Direction

+351 917323963